Meet Our Team

Karthika Gupta

Karthika is a professional photographer specializing in weddings, family portraiture and lifestyle editorials in the Chicago area since 2010. Her work has been published in magazine and online wedding and lifestyle blogs. She also publishes photography related articles on several online photo schools as well as teaches in-person workshops in the Chicago area. But her heart is in documenting travel adventures with her family and friends.

When not photographing for her clients, she can be found plotting her next adventure escape to the mountains with her husband and kids and pet. Having lived away India for over two decades, the lure of this amazing land still tugs at her heart strings. She tries to visit as often as she can. This intimate retreat is a way for her to showcase the India that is off-the-beaten-path; because that is where all the magic of travel can truly be experienced. Visit Karthika’s website.

Meeta Singh Rao

Meeta was born and brought up in Mumbai but has always felt the lure of the mountains calling out to her. She spent several years traveling all over Uttarakhand looking for a place to live and when she visited Gwaldham, she knew she had finally come home. Her lovely home in the mountains is aptly called Tridiva; which means “Heaven”. This beautiful homestay overlooks the Trishul mountains of the Garhwal Himalayas on one side and the beautiful deodar forests on the other.

Each room is the house is lovingly furnished with collectible that really bring out India’s rich culture and heritage. Tridiva is the perfect homestay for anyone looking to have a richer travel experience away from all the noice and rush of a big city. Peaceful and serene this home is a great place to unwind, rejuvenate and recharge your inner self. Meeta has been leading travel tours for the past couple of years in and around the mountains of Uttarakhand that she now calls home. Visit Meeta’s Facebook page.

Kadambari Ravi

Kadambari Ravi is from the northern and southern part of India. She has spent the last ten years playing the roles of an actor and meditation/ yoga teacher. She began her Yoga journey teaching Prenatal Yoga. She followed that with studying Sivananda Hatha Yoga, Reiki, Iyengar Yoga, Pranayamas and Chi gung with schools and independent masters, all around India. She shares her teachings in Mumbai, Perth, Goa and at retreats that she is invited to.
Her philosophy is that Yoga is abundant in philosophical wealth, breath, meditation and movement techniques. If this is what one is seeking, there is little doubt that something valuable can be found. She infuses music in her sessions to harness the power of mudras, stillness and conscious movement to center the body and mind. Visit Kadambari’s Facebook page.

Jawahar Singh Bisht

Our 65 year old friend, philosopher and guide Jawahar Singh Bisht has been leading treks in the Garhwal Himalayas for over three decades. Not only does he know this region like the back of his hand, but he is storehouse full of local folk tales and mythological stories associated with this land. Born in the little village of Ghes, at the base of the Trishul, the mountains were home to him as he took his flock for grazing in the high altitude meadows and stayed up there for months on end from early childhood. He admits he was always intrigued by the stories that the elders would share around the camp fire and that is where he learned and remembered folk lore that would have otherwise gotten lost.

He has worked as trek leader for National Geographic and Discovery Channel during the filming of the mystery lake Roopkund and the Nanda Devi Raj Jat pilgrimage. Countless travel writers and avid trekkers have used his expertise and knowledge of the area to take home everlasting memories. His regard and respect for the environment and the mighty Himalayas is as deep rooted as his faith in the Gods and Goddesses that reside in these higher altitudes.

Kailash Bisht

This young man who always has a warm smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye is our in-house chef and guide. He has been leading treks for the last seven years under the guidance of his uncle and mentor Jawahar Singh Bisht, and always seems to know what his guests want even before they tell him. He makes a mean cup of lemon tea that is perfect for the mountains.

He has his own share of stories that he is happy to discuss with his guests. But mealtimes is where he really shines. A little bit of this, a dash of that and pretty soon he has the most amazing local cuisine to share with his guests.

Pradeep Khilaf

Pradeep is the resident chef and caretaker at Tridiva. He is always around when you need him and even when you don’t see him, he is busy making sure everything you didn’t even think you needed is being done! He can cook almost any local dish but his butter chicken is the favorite among all the guests who have visited Tridiva.

Like the others, he is a local of the area and can talk for hours about the history of the area and the forests around the house. It appears that he has friends everywhere – no matter what you need, he assures you it is just a phone call away.

Zeus – the resident

Mr. Zeus is only a year old but he has already established himself as the resident bodyguard of Tridiva. He will make his appearance known as soon as he senses activity at Tridiva and then he will not leave your side. He will be there when you wake up and bid you goodnight when you are ready to retire for the night.

He patrols the hills and the bylanes around the house and knows exactly who is coming and going! Zeus is one of the best things to happen to Tridiva and we are so happy he is an integral part of our team.